About us


Strategictrade shipping company isn’t just a shipping company; it’s a bridge across oceans, a navigator of global trade, and a steward of the maritime world. Founded in 2013 by a woman, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for logistics and adventure, strategictrade company has grown from a single, intrepid vessel to a fleet of innovative cargo ships traversing every corner of the globe.

Strategictrade shipping company is more than just a name; it’s a promise. We promise to navigate the future with innovation, respect, and responsibility, ensuring that every voyage connects not just continents, but also our shared commitment to a healthy ocean and a thriving world.

From Humble Beginnings to Trade Giants

We give it our all to try and make shipping customer goods exceptional with satisfaction in west Africa Ghana.

What sets us apart?

Innovation: We constantly push the boundaries of maritime technology, employing fuel-efficient designs, alternative energy sources, and cutting-edge navigation systems to reduce our environmental footprint.

Customer Focus: We understand that your cargo is more than just goods; it’s the heart of your business. We treat your shipments with the utmost care and attention, offering tailored solutions and proactive communication to ensure smooth, on-time deliveries.

Sustainability Stewardship: We’re not just talking about it; we’re actively reducing our impact on the ocean. We invest in marine conservation projects, partner with local communities, and advocate for responsible industry practices.

Global Reach: With a network of strategically located ports and partnerships, we navigate the world’s oceans with precision and efficiency, connecting your business to any corner of the globe.


We sincerely hope you will contact us for all your logistics needs.